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Procedures Of Thai Lottery Results

For each Thai lottery results drawing, GLO invites 10 ethical guests not only from exclusive and also public fields but likewise media industry to witness the draw. One of them is, hereinafter, called "Draw Chairman" that monitors the draw for Thai lottery results by the following actions:

1. All draw members examine all draw equipments extensively.

2. Draw Chairman arbitrarily gets one sphere (number 1 to number 6) at once to position and furnish each draw set; number wheel and Ladkrabang 6 set (drawing container and ten attracting balls).

3. As soon as the setup of all draw sets for the Thai lottery results are completed, all draw participants reconsider the preparedness of all draw tools. Draw Chairman defines a starting number for all number wheels.


4. The Draw Chairman randomly chooses a color round at a time for which reward to be drawn prior to or after. These 4 color rounds represent different rewards; yellow for the Second reward, pink for the Third reward, environment-friendly for the Fourth prize and blue for 5th prize.

5. Multipick Treasure "6", this digital draw equipment attracts the Second and Third rewards. As soon as Attract Chairman presses 'begin' button, the follower in the lower blows the spheres around the within the containers. As when all rounds combined well, the chairman would press 'choose all' switch and the winning numbers of the Thai lottery results go up as well as out through private tube. In situation of machine breakdown or error, the number wheels are changed as well as drawn for the winning numbers.

6. Drawing the Fourth and 5th prize, GLO staffs will by hand run the number wheels by rotating them concurrently. When all 6 wheels stopped spinning, numbers appeared in each frame are the winning numbers.

7. After conclusion of the Second, Third, Fourth and 5th prizes, the Chairman randomizes six out of 9 committees for drawing the last 3 digits and last 2 numbers prizes as well as the 1st reward. Besides, Chairman grabs the number badge for each and every board to show their stage message.

8. The 3-digit, the 2-digit and the First rewards, a policeman from for Tranquility checks all draw tools for any kind of dubious radiation. Next off, the draw police officers will certainly reveal balls numbering 1 to 5 and also put in opaque container and also close correctly after that drop each round one by one and also rotate the wheel. The police officers will certainly redesign the actions for the remainder of rounds from number 6 to 0 and also rotate to mix all rounds well once more for the continuing Thai lottery results.

9. There are 4 winning prizes of the 3digits rewards as well as 1 winning prize of 2 figure prizes in the Thai lottery results. Chairman picks up the rubber sphere for each and every blog post.

10. The police officers who stand at each article will maintain spinning the wheel every times when the chairman elevates the bar so the round could place in at the front.

11. The policemans at each article open the balls as well as show those spheres to the committees and also public.

12. After revealing the number, the officer shuts the balls and also places those balls in the wheel then all the policemans move to the next article. The chairman randomizes the blog post for the next prizes.

13. For the First reward, the policeman will certainly maintain spinning the wheel as same as the drawing rewards of the 3 and also 2 numbers prizes. All 6 committees elevate the bar so the ball could place in at the front.

14. Policemans bring the transparency tray to chairman so he/she could put all the 6 balls in the wheels then rotate the wheels.

15. Next, chairman randomizes the rubber round for every message in order to select which blog post will be the drawing message by raising the bar then the sphere decreased in order and put the ball at each message.

16. Policemans open up all the balls as well as reveal them to the committees and public. After that move forward to reveal the 1st reward as well as the 2 closest rewards of the First prize in the Thai lottery results.

17. Drawing the extra prize of the 1st prize in group I (system 01-30), the reward is 30 million baht and also in group II (system 51-70), the prize is 20 million baht. The drawing procedures of these Thai lottery results prizes make use of the gadget called "Saturn" that made from acrylic as well as it is round and also clear. This device could carry up to 100 spheres from the variety of 00-99, every one will have various shade. Extra reward of the 1st prize will be attracted initially by putting the rounds number 01-30. The device will generate the atmospheric pressure system so the rounds can be mixed and after that the rounds are floated to the above and also streamed down to the side rails. After that the reward of team II will certainly be drawn which uses the rounds number 51-66 and follows the exact same procedures as the group I. If the tool is fail to carry out, the Lat Krabang 6/5 design will be utilized instead by raising the bar so the sphere can drop to the tray in instance of the drawing the rewards at the headquarter might not occur.

18. After total all the Thai lottery results prizes, officers will certainly take all the rounds out of the tools to reveal the public that the 10 numbers was in the wheels.

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