Big Sweep Result

All You Need To Know On Big Sweep Result

What Is Big Sweep Result About?

Big Sweep is a sweepstake lottery game managed and also promoted by PMS and it is the only procedures of its kind in Malaysia. It is a lottery wherein a series of pre-printed tickets are sold to the general public with appointed representatives with the Big Sweep Result being published in specific time frame and dates.

big sweep result

The inaugural draw was carried out on 18 March 1989 as well as to-date over 400 big sweep result draws had been performed with greater than 2.8 billion tickets offered. The vital features of Big Sweep are as follows:

7 million tickets are printed for sale on each Big Sweep Result draw. It is a game of matching the winning numbers that are based on the result of a competition.

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Additionally with a split second "Scratch and Match" game of matching the outcome of the scrape against the pre-determined mixes of 3-digit numbers and an image of an Auto.

Each ticket is priced at RM3.00, comprehensive of Gaming Tax as well as GST.

A draw number and also a draw-date for Big Sweep Results of a particular collection of tickets are printed on the front of each ticket.

Draws are conducted once every 3 weeks.

On the draw-date, winning tickets attracted a visibility of the general public at a chosen Turf Club that is located in Penang, Perak as well as Selangor, Malaysia.

The Big Sweep Result are relayed to all significant dailies for publication on the complying day.

It comes in 2 sections, the Main Draw and also the Scratch and Match where it is the only game that

In the Main Draw, each ticket brings a special set of pre-printed 7-digit numbers ranging from 1000000 to 7999999 and also a Prize number that ranges from 0 to 9.

There are 23,030 prizes to be won each Draw.

A Jack Pot Reward of RM500,000 is allotted to every Draw. The Prize amount shall grow accumulatively to the continuing draws otherwise won. The cycle will proceed up until the Prize is ultimately won.

Main Draw Prizes


Jackpot Prize RM500,000

1st Prize RM3,000,000

2nd Prize RM1,000,000

3rd Prize RM100,000


Bliss Prizes RM5,000 each

Sweet Prizes RM2,000 each

Glee Prizes RM1,000 each

Happy Prizes (Based on Front 4-digit of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes) RM100 each

Lucky Prizes (Based on Front 4-digit of Bliss Prizes) RM50 each

Bonus Prizes (Based on Front 4-digit of Sweet Prizes) RM20 each

Scratch & Match

Matching the outcome of the scrape against the pre-determined combinations of 3-digit numbers as well as a photo of an Auto.

1,195,477 instantaneous cash prizes to be won each Draw.

A brand-new Honda HR-V 1.8 L E auto to be won each Draw (prize offered when this post is being written).

Jackpot Prize

Match the winning Jackpot number in the Big Sweep Result and also the 7-digit number.

1st Prize, Second Prize, or 3rd Reward. If there is greater than one (1) winning ticket, the Reward shall be shared just as.

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